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15 Jun 2018 -
Merge of server Centaurus with other RadBR servers has...
Merge of server Centaurus with other RadBR servers has scheduled! Read the details by clicking here.
11 Jun 2018 -
Dynamic PvP System implanted on Centaurus server. Taste the...
Dynamic PvP System implanted on Centaurus server. Taste the changes that will be done on Andromeda server sooner! Read more deatils by clicking here.
4 Jun 2018 -
We've opened a poll on our forum to find out which Game...
We've opened a poll on our forum to find out which Game Client you often use to access RadBR. To vote, click here.
28 May 2018 -
Flash client from Perseus server has fix.
Flash client from Perseus server has fix.
23 May 2018 -
For security reasons, we recommend players who use the same...
For security reasons, we recommend players who use the same login (account and password) used in RadBR, on other Tibia servers, to update this data by changing it. There are rumors that data from OTHER Tibia servers have been hacked and someone is testing this data on RadBR.
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demon dust 108x

!mercado compraragora, 240657,qt


mandibulas 74x

!mercado venderagora, 241031,qt


hellforged axe 1x

!mercado compraragora, 241125,qt


wedding ring 14x

!mercado compraragora, 240526,qt


dragon slayer nivel 5 1x

!mercado compraragora, 241126,qt


warrior helmet 14x

!mercado compraragora, 241055,qt

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13.06.18 18:02:15 - Dynamic PvP System



  • Todos os jogadores do servidor com esse sistema começam com PvP desativado. Estes jogadores são marcados com uma green skull.
  • Ao atingir 25 resets, o jogador poderá ativar (opcionalmente) o PvP através do NPC Herator. Atenção: uma vez ativado, o jogador não poderá desativar o PvP novamente.
  • O PvP torna-se ativo automaticamente aos 50 resets, e depois disso não pode ser desativado.


Herator em Wisland


  • Este sistema possui ajustes para evitar interferência de jogadores green skull em batalhas PvP. Tais ajustes incluem:
    • ​Não conseguir curar jogadores com pz-lock ativo.
    • Não conseguir jogar itens nem movimentá-los sob personagens com pz-lock ativo.
    • Não conseguir bloquear a passagem com o próprio personagem, uma vez que podem ser atravessados.
    • Magic walls e wild growths lançadas por estes jogadores são no-pvp, portanto podem ser removidas dando-se um clique com o botão direito do mouse.

Frags, Red skull e Black skull:

  • Frags com duração de 48h.
  • Para ficar Red Skull: total de 6 frags em 48h.
  • Para ficar Black skull: total 10 frags em 48h.

Remoção de Red/Black skull:

  • Reduza a quantidade de frags a um número abaixo do limite de frags para a skull ser removida. Não é mais necessário remover todos os frags. Atenção: ao atingir o número de frags necessários novamente, a skull retornará.
    • Black skull: abaixo de 10 frags torna-se red skull.
    • Red skull: abaixo de 6 frags é removida.
      • Exemplo: Se um jogador red skull remover 2 frags de um total de 7 frags, a skull será removida, pois 5 frags está abaixo do limite de frags para ficar Red skull. Se este mesmo jogador matar mais alguém injustificadamente, receberá mais um frag, totalizando 6 e a skull retornará.
  • Novo custo para remoção de frags através do Shopping: 3b (cada).

OBS: Não é válido no servidor Perseus (Optional PvP).

Equipe RadBR

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10.05.18 21:50:10 - "Peace Month" Centaurus


Anunciamos dias de paz prolongada no servidor Centaurus!

s8XrJVi.png                                   tXPCb4Q.png


O No-PvP ficará ativo a partir do dia 10/05/2018, às 21:00 ao dia 31/05/2018, às 23:59. Esperamos que todos possam aproveitar esses dias para jogar tranquilamente colocar o up level em dia  

Aproveitem as novidades do último Update e se preparem para as novidades que estão por vir!

Equipe RadBR

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30.04.18 10:22:35 - Update - Poseidon Temple, Wand Elemental and more!


We announce the new Update that will be available today (30/04/2018) on our servers. This one in particular contains a lot of news and features, so check it all out below.

The next patch is already under development and will be extremely challenging. Are you ready? We don't think so   ::P2:


  • Super Divine Sword: it received a 2% bonus against physical damage.
  • Super Divine Staff: minium and maximum damage will oscillate according to [reset] level. Sorceres have a stronger damage than Druids. Check the spreadsheets below:

1ltM0pp.png    ab4SWkY.png

  • Livro Nível 6: as super divine staff, now the damage is increased by reset level. Check the spreadsheet below:



The Wand Elemental System came to make wands more dynamic and useful. You can easily alternate the wand element just by clicking with the right mouse button (use) on it to check the elements available. For now, only the Super Divine Staff and the Livro Nível 6 are allowed to change their elements.


Infernalist using Livro Nível 6.

  • Super Divine Staff - The elements vary according to your vocation.
    • Sorceres are able to use: Physical, Fire, Death e Energy.
    • Druids are able to use: Physical, Ice e Earth.


Druid using Super Divine Staff.

  • Livro Nível 6 - Infernalist are avaiable to use: Physical, Fire e Death.


Sorcerer using Super Divine Staff.


  • Shared Experience: if the shared experience mode is active  Shared_Member_Icon.gif and one or more players on the party were to be in another floor, different than the one the rest of the members of the group are, the experience gained will be reduced at least 95%. To receive 100% of the shared experience all the players on the party have to be at the same floor.
    It doesn't happen if the shared experience is inactived  Block_Shared_Member_Icon.gif .


Shared Experience.

  • Fixed the bug which allowed unwanted players at Magma Crawler's hunt.
  • Depth Lorica restrictions were fixed.
  • Ornate Legs now protects 2% and Ornate Chestplate 1% against physcal damage.
  • New items:
    • Depth_Scutum.gif Depth Scutum (def:25, magic level +5)
    • Depth_Galea.gif Depth Galea (arm:10, físico +6%)
    • Depth_Calcei.gif Depth Calcei (arm.:3, físico +5%, speed -30)
    • Soul_Net.gif Bright Ocean - This item can tame the brand-new Crimson Ray.
    • The_Heart_of_the_Sea.gifHeart Of The Sea - An important item for those who likes danger!


It's a new challenging place in Paradise. The not-so-friendly residents are very strong and will fight to make sure you're gonna keep out of their home. Requires 40-50 resets to access the area.
The Atlantis race have been considered a myth for far too long. They're powerful, clever humanoids living in the deepest grounds underwater. They follow the ruling of Poseidon, their only and mighty god, and will protect His temple at any cost.









  • New creatures:
  • Crimson Ray.
  • Atlantis at Poseidon Temple.
  • New god boss: Poseidon.
    • Stronger than the other gods.
    • Included in the Reward System.
    • It's not a raid, neither a spawn. It's a new system which allows to "summon" the boss in intervals of at least an hour.
  • New tasks:
    • Poseidon
    • Atlantis
  • New NPC: Nemo.
  • New outfits Outfit_Seaweaver_Male_Addon_3.gifOutfit_Seaweaver_Female_Addon_3.gif and addons: Seaweaver (VIP).
  • New mount: Crimson_Ray.gif Crimson Ray (VIP) - One among the best mounts of the game (or is it the best?).



The following changes in in the Secure Mode System will benefit a lot the players on Andrômeda and Centaurus worlds.

  • Secure_Mode_On.pngSecure mode (active): It's no longer possible targeting any player/players' summons in this mode, even if the other player has a skull. It's also not possible damaging players' summons and other players using explosive spells making uplevel easier and quite impossible to get in a fight with another player accidentaly.
  • Secure_Mode_Off.png Secure mode (unactive): If it's unactive, the explosive spells will damage other players (independing of having a skull) and turn you able to targeting players' summons and other players.
    On Perseus world, players with Active PvP have to turn off the Secure Mode to get into a fight.


  • Healing a PK:
    • Players up to 15 resets that heal (be that as it may, with runes, spells, and such) someone who's pz-locked, will also be pz-locked.
    • If the healed player has a skull (white, red or black), being also pz-locked, then in addition to pz-lock, the healer will be marked with a skull as well.
    • The system above will only be active on Andromeda and Centaurus, exclusively.
  • Exhausted time of Blow! spell reduced from 2 seconds to 1 second.
  • The speed of Blazebringer mount has been increased from +2 para +20 points.
  • Useful summons with Next2You Summon System:
    • Your summons now will follow you even when you change floors! 
    • Not mentioning that they'll also be teleported right to your side whenever you get too far from them.
    • However, if you go way farther, they will too disappear, not being instantly teleported by your side anymore when the distance apart between your character and them becomes too long.
    • Summons can't go into protection zones.

In a next future... Do you think you are ready? Here's a little hint: Club.gif

Kind Regards,

RadBR Team

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