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9 Dec 2019 -
News - December/2019 avaiable in our forum. This topic...
News - December/2019 avaiable in our forum. This topic contains information about the reseting of server Aries besides other future game-content information. Read it by clicking here.
5 Nov 2019 -
ATTENTIONThe piece of information that is going on...
ATTENTIONThe piece of information that is going on of Aries server reset is true. Very soon you will be informed of more details of that. There is no need to be concerned. Perseus server WILL NOT be affected by Aries' reset.
1 Nov 2019 -
Apply for the House Decoration Contest - Halloween 2019....
Apply for the House Decoration Contest - Halloween 2019. This year there are a few items that must be used. The creativity in the usage of it will be very considered for the evaluation. Click here.
1 Nov 2019 -
Halloween Event in Duskwood must be started tomorrow during...
Halloween Event in Duskwood must be started tomorrow during the server save and will be extended to 05/11. In this event players will be able to obtain the Spellwand and access the bosses Lestrange and Argana.
1 Nov 2019 -
HALLOWEEN EVENT: Check out the datails about this...
HALLOWEEN EVENT: Check out the datails about this event that has just started at 12 PM on 31st of October and will last until 03rd of November. Click here.
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04.11.19 03:29:08 - Teaser Update

Estamos trabalhando em um grande Update que tratá muitas novidades! Teremos novos locais de caça com novos monstros, novas quests, itens, uma nova cidade, e muito mais!

Não temos previsão de quando este Update será lançado, mas estamos trabalhando para que saia o quanto antes. Então, sem mais delongas, fiquem com algumas imagens do que está sendo preparado.



Que belo dia para se aventurar em... Dusk?!


  • Duskwood passará por grandes mudanças, ajudando a alavancar o progresso dos moradores desse pequeno continente. Não somente novas hunts serão gradualmente adicionadas, mas também novos sistemas e pequenos detalhes que farão toda a diferença na jogabilidade dos nossos newbies.



Quem será que está procurando um coração?



Bem-vindo à Storybrooke... um lugar cheio de mistérios e magia... Muita magia!

Espere... aquilo é um castelo de esmeraldas?!


Em breve no RadBR.


Aproveitamos a oportunidade para anunciar que em breve o servidor Aries passará por diversas mudanças e será resetado. Em breve publicaremos a notícia mais detalhadamente, mas vocês já podem aproveitar para fazer sugestões a partir de agora, através do nosso fórum!


Equipe RadBR

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02.11.19 01:03:09 - Halloween 2019


Halloween Event 2019

This year the Mutated Pumpkin is back and it's threating Wisland. Now she has reinforcements besides of her magic skills improvement. Check the news below...
Black_Skull_(Item).gif The Mutated Pumpkin...
Between 31/10 and 03/11, every day the Mutated Pumpkin The_Mutated_Pumpkin.gif  will appear, in each of these times: 09h, 12h, 15h, 18h, 21h, 23h. Differently of other years, the Mutated Pumpkin has become artificialy intelligent, therefore a new strategy must be learnt to defeat it:

  • Every time the Mutated Pumpkin is damaged in 5% she will become immune (cannot be damaged) and will summon some Little Pumpkinheads. All the Little Pumpkinheads must be defeated to make the boss "attackable" again.

Each Little Pumpkinhead killed gives progressive score to the player, always considering how many Little Pumpkinheads has been killed by the plyaer. This way, the account behind the Little Pumpkinhead score is:

(1 point) * (quantity of Little Pumpkinheads killed till now).



Black_Skull_(Item).gif Prizes for those who got the highests scores of Little Pumpkinheads:

1º lugar: Gold_Ingot.gif 15 barras de ouro + Premium_Scroll.gif 30 VIP days + Bone_Flute.gif Hallow Flute (might be used to tame a specific creature).

2º lugar: Gold_Ingot.gif 10 barras de ouro + Premium_Scroll.gif 15 VIP days + Helmet_of_Ultimate_Terror.gif Helmet of Ultimate Terror

3º lugar: Gold_Ingot.gif 05 barras de ouro + Premium_Scroll.gif 07 VIP days + Skeleton_Decoration.gif Skeleton Decoration

Keep up with your score by using the command: !halloween.
Besides that, every when the Mutated Pumpkin is killed, it transforms itself in a magic portal which takes to the reward room, and all the players online during the boss' fall get a good amount of experience (even those who didn't joined the battle).
The portal to the reward room will be open for just 15 seconds, then there is not a possibility to get in there, unless you wait the next boss' appiration.
Thre is a new chest in the reward room in which you can obtain a (1) Shapechanger or (1) Magician Hat.

Shapechanger.gif The Shapechanger looks like a Spellwand, although she can transform only the person who used it in one of those folloween creatures: Anubis, Bloody Baron, Dragon Sentinel, or Deathstrike. This costumes will last only 1 minute (for use). Just like the Spellwand, this item might break and summonn a Mad Sheep.


Magician_Hat.gif The Magician Hat has 2 slots for imbuements and (Arm: 1).




Even those who had opened the chests in the past events can open it again. When you are leaving the reward room, 'use' the Slain of the Mutated Pumpkin in the centre of the room and get one of those following itens: Skeleton DecorationSpider Toy, or a Helmet of Ultimate Terror.



The_Halloween_Hare.gif The Halloween Hare
During this event, the Halloween Hare will appear in some spots of Wisland and Duskwood at Tibia's night.
This creature is inoffensive, but chases its opponents to transform them in a variety of creatures (just like costumes with low duration).
The Halloween Hare will disappear when the day is come and come back again when the Tibia's Night is started.


Wisland decorated to this event.



Apply for the Houses Decoration Contest - Halloween 2019:

Click here.


In addition to the events announced above, lightning events might happen during this same period from 31/10 to 03/11. Be aware!  

Black_Skull_(Item).gif Duskwood (Perseus)
In Duskwood the access to the  witches Lestrange and Argana is already avaiable, the same way the Warlock on the cemetery's tower and the Spellwand's room. Enjoy! (until 05/11).
Have fun!
Team RadBR

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26.09.19 23:48:05 - New way to obtain Seawaver Addons (Atlantis Outfit)

New way to obtain Seawaver Addons (Atlantis Outfit)


The new way to obtain Seawaver outfit addons is finally avaiable. To get more details about it talk to NPC Jelly Fishyman who might be found next Poseidon's nest.


Besides that Elektro (AI boss) is also avaiable. To confront this boss, talk to NPC Pirate Manhatam. After got permited you will only need going through the correspondent red throne and pull the lever. Every player in the room will be teleported together when the lever got pulled and will not be able to leave the battle while the boss stills. So don't be thoughtless and get prepared before starting the battle!








Also, as we have noticed on "News Tickers", some recent bugs has been fixed. Visit the site regularly to be informed about all that happens in RadBR   


We are working on new content for both servers and on something that might surprise most people, which is coming soon, on server Aries!


Team RadBR

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