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18 Feb 2021 -
Only a few hours left for you to participate in our very...
Only a few hours left for you to participate in our very own #RadBrFazTreze Classic Clicks Contest!
Click right here to get a grasp on how to join the contest, on how to expand your reward potentials, and, of course, to register your #ClassicClicks in this creativity showdown!
16 Feb 2021 -
Our #NostalgiaQuiz contest is only a mere hour away,...
Our #NostalgiaQuiz contest is only a mere hour away, taking place in-game @ the Game-Chat channel! 13 questions, sharp and nostalgic, will be asked, testing our players' experiences, fondest memories, and general knowledge regarding our 13-year run as RadBr - at 7 P.M. (GMT -3), via Game-Chat channel!
3 Feb 2021 -
When you think about RadBr, which monstruous fiend comes to...
When you think about RadBr, which monstruous fiend comes to mind? Which nefarious foe raids on your fondest memories? The RadBr Staff wants to know: Which RadBr monster is the server's most classic creature? Come and vote on our February's Lightning Poll by clicking here.
30 Nov 2020 -
The Halloween 2020 A Nightmare on Elm Street event may be...
The Halloween 2020 A Nightmare on Elm Street event may be over, but its collaterals still echo through! Be sure to check the results - and the mighty winners - of our House Decor and Batcat Hunt events!
21 Nov 2020 -
Hey, you...! Do you think you've got what it takes to blow...
Hey, you...! Do you think you've got what it takes to blow us away with the most beautifully frightening Halloween decoration possible? The House Decor Contest - 2020 Halloween Edition has begun: the perfect opportunity for you to show us your creative vein; and also take home with you some totally awesome rewards!
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United States Krystall

Templar Royal Paladin
(732) [90] {17}

Brasil Kendrick Lamar

Elite Knight
(709) [87] {21}

Brasil Faiint

Diabolic Master Infernalist
(942) [85] {30}

Brasil Alanziim

Diabolic Master Infernalist
(724) [85] {22}

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26.11.20 21:12:31 - 2020 #RadFriday

Black Friday RadBr


We went nuts! facebook-emoticon--terrified-with-fear.png

The RadBr Black Friday has arrived - and with it, a very special Gold Bar fire sale!

From today, thursday (November 26th), at 08:30 P.M. (GMT -3), every unitary Gold Bar in our RadBr Shopping will cost only R$0,90

EACH GOLD BAR FOR JUST R$0,90! warning-sign.png


All of the RadBr Shopping Gold Bar Combos are way more stuffed and gainful to open up Thanksgiving celebrations with a nice twist!

The RadBr Black Friday will last throughout the 27th, coming to an end at 12:01 A.M. (GMT -3) on November 28th, Saturday.

Enjoy! big-smile-with-closed-eyes.png


The RadBr Staff

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11.11.20 06:22:52 - October Update + Version Upgrade


Aloha, dear friends o/

The long awaited OCTOBER SPRING UPDATE is here!

Paving the way for our next endeavors from november to february, the October Update arrives firmly and heavily to recalibrate a few pending issues, to bring along rebalancing methods, to tease just a little taste of upcoming misteries and fresh features, and, of course - to kickstart the highly beloved HALLOWEEN EVENT!




Now our server is included in the 12.50 Version Protocol - not only the most recent Tibia version, but a full package bringing to RadBr a MOTHERLOAD of possibilities; new sprites, maps, decorations, creatures and all the new graphic developments as fresh as possible.

Starting from October 31st, at 7:30 P.M. (GMT-3), it'll only be possible to login and fully enjoy our server by downloading the upgraded versions of both Clients 10.xx and 12.50, available for download right here.

This is due to the fact that some of our new hunts, creatures, items and events come strictly from more recents versions, utilizing graphics and sprites that, without upgrading current clients, may cause crashes and debugs, culminating in potential less-than-comfortable situations for our players.

Our 10.xx Version Client WILL NOT BE DISCONTINUED! It'll stay active and fully playable - but there is, invariably, the need for upgrading it with the sprites and graphics from the 12.50 version.

It will still operate normally, including matters surrounding BOT functionalities and enablements.

Regarding the new 12.50 Version, on the other hand: it arrives, colorfully, replacing the previous 11.80 client - and it may seem to require, by its layout default, the account e-mail at the login screen. However, our login parameters remain the same: it only requires your account name and password, as usual, without any further information necessary.

So, just to reinterate: don't you waste any more time! You can download our newest client versions - both 12.50 and the upgraded 10 - at our download section.




Guideline 42 is a procedure protocol - constructed, elaborated and under constant built by our very own RadBr Team - regarding contextual interpretations, analytical approaches, verification tactics, and concerning the management, generally, of matters circumventing the use (and potential abuse) of banned programs and behaviors, prohibited by our Server Rules and Guidelines - mainly on the subject of 100% AFK BOT and Multi-Clients usage.

Clarifying, though: The use of either exterior functions - 100% AFK BOTs or MC (Multi-Clients) - remains strictly prohibited, and both are still qualified as RULE INFRINGEMENTS.

Nevertheless, the implementation of GUIDELINE 42 sets a new spectrum of variable approaches regarding said programs, stablishing our server rules as an immovable north, but being supplemented and getting its range enhanced by contextual analysis of the infringement circumstances.

At last, it is based on those parameters that we arrived at the following decisions - and, starting from this Update, they'll be made effective (while being subject to withdrawal or modifications upon subsequent notice):

  • Removal of the Anti-Bot System - We retired the Anti-Bot System once and for all, having in mind that its role in-game was only generating more fuzz and unnecessary friction, especially concerning new players unaware of its functioning particularities, rather than, indeed, effective and punctual punishments. However, any penalty, warning and/or banishment resulting from its interventions while active will not be removed or candidate for retroaction.

  • JAIL as an element of Reeducation - Our jail system will be used as a primary instance for punishments, depending on the severity of each case - and mainly when applied to infringements not aggravated by compound violations (such as 100% AFK BOT+MC) - and on the circumstances of the infringement itself.

    Cash and items farming cases, though, especially from makker characters, will still be punished, invariably, with banishment.

  • Mute Clause- Spammers (SPAM, repeating/resending the same message over and over), Flamers (FLAMING, fights and outcries) and Off-Topic remarks in general on our Help Channel will be, at first, warned with a verbal note, and, depending on the case, briefly muted. But, in case of recurrence, they will be place in JAIL for 30 minutes. For every relapse after that, 1 hour of JAIL will be applied (being subject to more severe measures according to context and/or potentially more serious infractions);

These characterize testing measures, driven by the goal of new approaches on the matter of rule infringements and their treatment. Our intentions, by doing so - and cultivating the parameters above listed -, are the ones of promotion and maintenance of a healthier environment, cozy and welcoming for all players, without unnecessary friction between them.

We're all very grateful to our community for the moments of conversation, sharing and feedback with the RadBr Team. Your points and commentaries are vital for us to build, gradually, a more just and fair gaming environment, more balanced and better altogether.



Nefarious creatures, renegade pirates and ancient spirits threaten the bay at northeast of the Andorhal Forest as they raid through corals and shipwreckage with wicked ruthlessness.

However... Andorhal residents, especially the elders, can't see just how it could be possible... The whole buzz, the mentions regarding the Brethren Court, Calypso... All of that happened over three centuries ago.

Replacing the Andorhal-natural quaras, the usual guards for the so feared Lendas do Mar... Are now demons from the depths and pirates claiming to be Brethren Court renegades... Not to mention powerful creatures tha shamans from all RadBr believe to be the bounded, corporeal form of the sea goddess Calypso...

The Brethren Court met its demise around the final years of the 18th century. Calypso wasn't named, as well, for almost three hundred years. And, overnight, these creatures abruptly appeared in Andorhal.

What in the name of Apolo is going on?


The Quara Underwater Cave, in Andorhal, now home of very powerful creatures.

New Medium/High Reset Hunt: The Andorhal bay underwater cave is now populated by astonishingly powerful creatures, which haven't been seen around for centuries...

  • This new hunt holds three reset-restricted areas: 55 Resets are needed to access the first part, 85 Resets for the second, more dangerous, one, and 92 Resets, plus 20 Achievement Points (VIP), for the lowest grounds.

  • But beware: you should take with you many Magic Walls, a well articulated Drunou, and a priest for good luck... Organise, gather enough trapping devices. The envoys of Calypso won't cut you any slack.

NPC Yana: Now it is possible to BUY items from the Imbuement packages Vampirism, Strike and Void (on the Basic, Intricate and Powerful categories) with the NPC Yana, last seen roaming around Windywaste.

  • Yana is a versatile trader, intrigued by the mysteries of other dimensions; and that is precisely why she sells the Creature Products necessary for the imbuements listed above for GOLD TOKENS.

  • We would advise a heart of destruction to arm yourself with enough leverage to trade with Yana...

Changes on Creatures:

Most of these modifications include the strengthening of the listed monsters and the addition of Imbuement items to their loots.

  • Bloody Baron is now 90% resistant against FIRE damage;

  • Dragon Sand was slightly buffed and had its loot enhanced;

  • Fury: slightly buffed, and enhanced loot;

  • Hellhound: slightly buffed, and enhanced loot;

  • Mummy had its loot nerfed;

  • Soldados Dracmo were highly strengthened, with also the addition of a new rare drop;

  • Deeptail: enhanced loot;

  • Minerva: slightly buffed, and enhanced loot;

  • Headless Gravewalker: slightly buffed, and enhanced loot;

Changes on Bosses:

  • The leader of the mammoths, Bommoth, had its loot enhanced and was also strengthened;

  • Pirate Captain was buffed, and gained new loots and summons - beware!;

  • The Cyclop God, Polyphemus, shocked all of Zanknore residents by returning to his full strength and glory, his trademark traits from centuries ago, being youthful and stronger than ever. Polyphemus had its loot enhanced and is now way stronger - be careful, very careful...;

  • Satsor: slightly buffed, with some new loots. He is now immune to FIRE damage;

  • Monstro do Mar: stays in the Reward System, but now with enhanced loot.

  • The gods Marte, Apolo e Hades now operate through inventive new mechanics; they also had their loot slightly enhanced.


Pirate Captain takes on Ghostship in his new, more dangerous, mutiny raid!

New Raid Dynamics:

Now, certain specific raids can surprise inadvertent players - three of the current raid bosses changed their behaviour, starting to spawn in various possible places instead of their old steady mark.

Those are:

  • Pirate Captain, which can spawn anywhere on Ghostship;

  • Ethershreck, on his Iceforge raids, now can descend to his throne in various possible locations;

  • Abyssador can appear at any point of the Dryad Forest extent, in Nighthaven, now.

Changes on Items

  • Now is possible to imbue the Gleaming_Starlight_Vial.gif Frasco Brilhante de Páscoa, with the Imbuements working only when it's equipped;

  • Oceanborn_Leviathan_Armor.gif Drunou Armor now has better attributes;

  • Dwarven_Helmet.gif Dwarven Helmet slightly buffed.

New Creatures

32 new creatures were added to our server on this Update; however, it's worth noting that most of them are part of the long promised Duskwood expansion:

  • A Brethren Buccaneer;

  • Aeneas;

  • Ancient Pyre of the Seas;

  • Antiope;

  • Bound to her Bones;

  • Brethren Renegade;

  • Crabtain Ironpincher;

  • Crystal Golem;

  • Deepend Brickshell;

  • Depths Overseer;

  • Emeraldillo;

  • Envoy of Bartholomew;

  • Esmeralda;

  • Espirito de Paulo;

  • Gorgo;

  • Grimm Reaper;

  • Handmaiden;

  • Haunter;

  • Headless Graveraider;

  • Highpriest Hogos;

  • Jade Beetle;

  • Jormungaandr;

  • Keeper of the Gloom;

  • Kraken;

  • Preacher of the Enddays;

  • Puro Osso;

  • Reflexus;

  • Ruby Guardian;

  • Sight of the Enddays;

  • Silverneck;

  • Spectral Hand of Calypso;

  • Squelchtail.

New Champion Creatures

32 new champion creatures were added, also, on the October Update:

  • Ampery

  • Atlantis

  • Atlantis Guarda

  • Black Demon

  • Bruxa do Mar

  • Cursed Stinger

  • Dark Torturer

  • Deep Terror

  • Deep Tail

  • Drillworm

  • Elf Arcanist

  • Elf Scout

  • Equipped Shadow Draptor

  • Esoteric

  • Fury

  • Glacie Spinne

  • Haunter

  • Headless Gravewalker

  • Hellhound

  • Hellspawn

  • Kraken

  • Magma Crawler

  • Mutated Human

  • Mutated Rat

  • Mutated Tiger

  • Ogre Shaman

  • Rorc

  • Tartaruga Mutante Suprema

  • Tubarao

  • Weeper

  • Wereboar

  • White Occultist

New Items:

Scroll_of_Heroic_Deeds.gif Cliff_Strider_Claw.gif Banana_Sash.gifQuara_Tentacle.gif Ritual_Stone_Tablet.gif Wimp_Tooth_Chain.gif Ethno_Coat.gif The_Lion's_Heart.gif Spellwand.gif

New Mounts:

  • Silverneck.gif Silverneck: Available through the use of a Banana Sash;

  • Reed_Lurker.gif Tortuga Map Bearer: Can be tamed using a Calypso's Compass Enchantment;

New Achievements:

  • Maldição do Pérola Negra achievement-star.gif

    Pirate or salesman, your liking of trades of a good ol' gold for a few black pearls is truly admirable, savvy?!

  • Eat Your Greens achievement-star.gif

    Who said that healthier habits mean going hungry? A nice, fortified salad, once in a while, can be a RadBr adventurer's best friend.

  • Hocus Pocus achievement-star.gif

    Warlocks and witches... Rites and stitches... If seeking means of vengeance blunt... Set the torches for a witch hunt!

  • Holy BBQ achievement-star.gifachievement-star.gif

    Recharge your mind with a belly full of prime steak.

  • Who's the Boss? achievement-star.gifachievement-star.gif

    Boss can be only a title, given that you defeated a true legion of those without even blinking.

  • Andarilho [Secreto] achievement-star.gif

  • Surfista [Secreto] achievement-star.gifachievement-star.gif

  • Silver Hair, Golden Heart [Secreto] achievement-star.gif

  • Cowabunga! [Secreto] achievement-star.gif

  • A Hora do Pesadelo [Secreto] achievement-star.gif



Duskwood is breathing fresh air, just like mainland...

After the discover of the Medusa Tower ruins, south of the city, about an year ago, the people of Duskwood caught themselves facing even scarier dangers, lurking through the island on the attempt of disturbing its order and peace.

New monsters of the depths, leaded by the demon commonly known as Bocão, crawl through the abandoned crystal mines, southwest of the city, while, in the mirrored dimensions, the Enddays Catacombs are revealed by the luxomancer and writer Sir Thomas Grimm, member of the Aquiles Court.

However, not only brand new dangers and dark apparitions creep throughout Duskwood; something even stranger starts to draw attention...

In the Mirror Labyrinth, where there were always Souleaters, Duskers started noticing something very peculiar... Most of the spectral reptiles were gone, being replaced by the presence of unshapely creatures, seeming to originate directly from nightmares. Chagas, one of the three pioneers to arrive on Duskwood, comments on the matter:

"These monsters were here while the island was still called Abnoba, uninhabited by civilized humans... They used to call them Akthoa't; Haunters... But we haven't seen a haunter in Duskwood for over a hundred years..."

Meanwhile, on the Court of Prince Aquiles, the son of Ives and his most loyal and capable knights were orchestrating colossal crusades to confront the most powerful mythical beings on the island, believing being able to conquer some sort of forgiveness...


New hunting grounds in Duskwood

Duskwood goes through its promised restructuring process, guided by the goals of:

  • Ordering and balancing uplevel and upreset factors in the city;

  • Enabling the already functional MAXIMUM RESET system (limitating Duskwood players to a 20 Resets maximum) - don't be fooled, Duskers, for the Duskwood gameplay only begins, truly, at the 20th reset;

  • Bringing new features and focusing strictly on the Role Playing factor, mainly with Quests.

New Hunts:

  • New VIP hunting ground with Crystal Golems and Emeraldillos for players lv250+;

  • NNew Grimm Reapers and Preacher of the Enddays cave, restricted only to players of 8 Resets or over.

New NPCs:

  • Stephen Merchant: Trading NPC for players of 3 Resets or over;

  • Bargain Berethiel: Bearer of two brand new quests, including the Cidadania Vitalícia. For players of 3 Resets or over;

  • The Court of Aquiles, all around Duskwood:

    Sir Roland Warchild, Sir Peter Pettigrew, Sir Passeparteaux, Dame Lumelia, Sir Joanne, Sir Stephen Brokenglass, Sir Ragetti, Dame Fiona, Sir Paragus, Dame Helena, Dame Elizabeth Swan, Sir Thomas Grimm.

New Quests:

  • [Duskwood] Cidadania Vitalícia

  • [Duskwood] Cruzadas de Aquiles

  • [Duskwood] Holy Bargain

New Mount:

Titanica.gif Titanica

Other news:

  • Now it is possible to acquire Blesses in Duskwood through Bargain Berethiel's exchanges. His blesses, both full and mount blessing, are available through items swap.

  • By completing the new Cidadania Vitalícia quest, the player will be forbidden of leaving the town, and will no longer be able to move to mainland, becoming a lifelong citizen of the island, forever. Nevertheless, it is a very much needed quest, enabling the player the enrollment in various functions and more expert quests in Duskwood.

  • The Mirrored Labyrinth had most of its Souleaters replaced by Haunters;

  • It is required lv200 to access the upper floor of the Mirrored Labyrinth;

  • Now it is required 1 Reset and 1 of Age to access the proper Mirrored Labyrinth;

  • Now it is required at least 3 Resets to enter the second area of the Mirrored Labyrinth, as also to reach the NPC Soulreaper;

  • Only players of 3 Resets or over can enter the Duskwood Graveyard's Cursed Tombs and face Minerva;

  • Both tasks from the NPCs Soulreaper and Shelle are now only for players of 3 Resets or over;

  • Now the NPC Soulreaper task consists on killing 400 Haunters;

  • In the Baú Amaldiçoado quest, starting from this Update, in case of misfortune, a Zumbi will spawn, opposed to the previous Anubis, which caused numerous deaths due to its distance, wide-ranged hits;

  • Thorugh the Cruzadas de Aquiles ques, it will be possible to fight a total of 16 New Bosses, the most powerful creatures in all Duskwood!

  • Upon completing the Cruzadas de Aquiles quest, the player can do the tasks and face their respective bosses again, once a week each, through a certain NPC. The player will also be able to take on new exclusive tasks to face four new bosses. The whole system is based on the Arena [BOSS] feature present in Tanaris with NPC Yuki;

  • With the addition of these new bosses, it's now possible to get various new loots and never seen before rare items in Duskwood!

  • The players Detronix and Mrs Maxima Doubtfire, first and second places, respectively, on the Duskwood Reset Rank - and the only players ever to achieve over 20 resets in the island -, will be downgraded back to, respectively, 22 and 21 resets, fitting in to the maximum reset parameters; serving as a fraction of the repayment to said players, however, the symbolic mark of 22 and 21 resets;


The Court of Aquiles' Crusades. What sorts of dangers and challenges await for you at the Arena of Theseus?



  • There is a brand new type of item paving its way inside our server - Merit Goods. Merit Goods consist on items, mostly from quests ou exclusive rewards, that cannot be traded nor tossed away (including on houses). That means that, once you get 'em, they will not leave your hands - unless a quest or function requires it to;

  • Gradual fixes concerning the Supply Stash System (11.80/12.50) crashes;

  • Paradise houses fixed: now the details of each house appear on the door upon Looking at it;

  • The Espíritos do Inferno! spell now has a 2 minute cooldown before the player can enter a protection zone (PZ);

  • The Utevo Vis Lux spell can now be cast by Master Infernalists and Diabolic Master Infernalists;

  • Elite Knights and Glorious Elite Knights defense slightly enhanced;

  • Removable obstacles right in front of the The Forest Monster Reward Room's door, in the depths of Dean Forest, taken away;

  • Some items such as Gems (Yellow, Red, Blue...) are now stackable;

  • The following creature products gained new drops and fresh ways of being obtained, including eventual enhanced drop rates: Thick Fur, Cultish Mask, Compass, Shamanic Mask, Shamanic Talisman, Green Piece of Cloth, Yellow Piece of Cloth, Stone Wing, Fiery Heart, Seacrest Hair, Peg Leg, Eye Patch, Hook;

  • New Deer respawns added north-northwest of Zanknore;

  • Pascha Bunnies had their experience reduced;

  • Message anouncing empty Reward Bags as active rewards fixed;


That's all for today, folks o/

It is officially the season for new features and reformulations throughout RadBr - and with just a pinch of mystery in the air: What makes the past return so abruptly to our current reality?

Have a great one, guys - and don't you forget to explore and enjoy all these new features, alongside our spooktastic 2020 Halloween Event!


RadBr Team

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09.11.20 20:42:12 - [Halloween 2020] A Nightmare on Elm Street!


One, two, Freddy's coming for you...

The nightmare isn't over.

With Jack Skellington and his followers gone for almost two years, while the Halloverse prison was rebuilt by Bushy Evergreen and the brigade of the now stronger than ever Halloween Force, counting with the backup and support from countless powerful influence cards all over the continent, including the mythical Nicholarian Alliance, the bad omens from this time of the year seemed to be rather shy in 2020.

However, as the days in October marched towards Halloween, bizarre phenomena started to happen. Many of the strong, wise warriors, once responsible for the downfall not only of Jack, but also of many other macabre forces through the years, appeared to be dying in gory ways while asleep. Others started to report uneasy dreams, disturbing ones, where they were pursuited by a peculiar man wearing a hat and flaunting metal claws. And, just like that, chants from over fourty years ago began to be sung again.

Three, four, better lock your door...

An ancient danger emerges to terrorize the entire RadBr and its players during the 2020 Halloween; and on their most vulnerable moments: during their sleep. Freddy Krueger takes on the dreams of the RadBr locals and the iminent danger of his actions resulting in a bloodthirsty wave of heinous deaths is colossal.

And, to make matters worse, Betrayed_Wraith.gif Servos do Pesadelo (Nightmare Servants) and Batcat.gif Batcats were summoned by evil forces to strike upon the physical world as He rises.

Five, six, grab a crucifix...

And whether Freddy Krueger will accomplish, after all these years, his goals to rule over our reality and to feast on our fears with his nefarious behaviours or not, it's all up to you! To stop this violent, malign nightmare invader in his gloomy plans, our players will have to articulate themselves and face him where he's powerful the most: raiding the Nightmare Realm. It's the only way to bring him back to the real world, where he becomes weakened, enabling his defeat once and for all.


Nancy Thompson, in Moonglade

In order to accomplish it, the bravest and most capable in all RadBr must rely on the vast experience of Nancy Thompson, the responsible for beating Freddy Krueger many times in the last four decades. Nancy can be found on Elm Street, in Moonglade, and is gonna be the one to lay upon our players' hands the harsh task of killing 300 Servos do Pesadelo.


The fugitive Dom Cobb, in Southshire

Once having completed the mission granted by Nancy Thompson, you will need a bit of an extra hand: Dom Cobb, a experienced dream extractor, located in Southshire. It is with the help of Cobb, at last, that the players will have the opportunity of facing their very worst fears: entering the Nightmare Realm to get a glimpse at Freddy Krueger and his astonishingly scary creations!

Seven, eight, stay up late...


Freddy Krueger waits for you in your darkest dreams...


The Event

  • Servos do Pesadelo e Batcats can be spawned upon the killing of any creature giving over 1000 points of experience (rate x1);

  • Servos do Pesadelo, however, have higher spawn rates the stronger the creature killed;

  • They both have a slight delay of approximately 7 seconds to be spawned, for security measures;

  • The first part of the Event, the Nancy Thompson Task, can be done unrestrictedly; however, the NPC Cobb part, revolving around the Nightmare Realm and the confrontation with Freddy Krueger himself, is limited only for players of b]15 resets or over, giving the fact that it is possible to die for real inside the nightmare.

  • All the players who can complete both steps and finish the Event, defeating Freddy once and for all, are gonna be awarded the Shadow_Claw.gif Shadow Claw mount;

  • In the case of characters already having the Shadow Claw mount from past events, their reward will be...facebook-eyes-symbol.png

  • The 2020 Halloween Event will last from October 31st to the 29th.



  • The Batcats are back this year, alongside Servos do Pesadelo - still, as opposed to those, Batcats also return as an exclusive Halloween mount!

  • To tame a Batcat, all you need is a Flute_Made_of_a_Single_Bone.gif Hallow Flute;

  • This year, the Hallow Flutes can be obtained by being dropped not only off Servos do Pesadelo, but also from selected creatures all around RadBr;

Besides, the 2020 Halloween also carries out a never seen before Batcat Task - automatic and rewarding**! pumpkin-symbol.png

  • Upon defeating 50 Batcats, the player will be rewarded with the Royal Pumpkin Outfit;

    Outfit_Royal_Pumpkin_Male.gif Outfit_Royal_Pumpkin_Female.gif

  • Upon defeating 180 Batcats, the player will get the First Addon for the Royal Pumpkin Outfit;


  • And by reaching the mark of 300 Batcats defeated, the player will get the Second Addon for his Royal Pumpkin Outfit;

    Outfit_Royal_Pumpkin_Male_Addon_3.gif Outfit_Royal_Pumpkin_Female_Addon_3.gif

**Every player already having the Royal Pumpkin Outfits and its addons, will not receive extra prizes.

To check on the progress of your flying rodent hunt, just use the !batcat command.


New creatures:

  • A Krueger Nightmare;

  • Handful of Krueger;

  • Nightmarish;

  • Freddy Krueger;

  • Weakened Freddy Krueger.



On every saturday, during the whole extent of the 2020 Halloween Event, the Zombie Survival winner will get, replacing the classic Ironblight mount, the Batcat mount! ghost-symbol.png


Don't you dare miss the Zombie Survival events this November; keep both eyes wide open for the dates they're happening:

  • 31/10

  • 07/11

  • 14/11

  • 21/11

  • 28/11



The classic festive Duskwood Halloween, which is going on since 2014, comes back for its sixth year in a row!

This year, the Halloween changes striking upon Duskwood are the following:

  • The Warlock Tower, centered on the Duskwood graveyard, is open for visiting;

  • Most of the Heroes on the Amazon Camp were replaced by Black Knights;

  • A single Undead Cavebear spawn was added alongside the lone Necromancer in the Heroes/Black Knights cave;

  • The witches Argana and Lestrange return to their crypts - only for players of 5 resets or over;

  • The classic Vampire Hunt, home of the Halloween Special Quest, makes its return for the sixth year in a row;

  • Respawn time of both Headless Gravewalker and Minerva decreased from 1 hour to 30 minutes;

  • New 2020 Effect Spellwand: Looted from Minerva, Argana and Lestrange, this new version of the traditional Spellwand can turn the players into macabre creatures to celebrate Halloween! Those creatures being, for 2020, Vampire Bride, Blody Baron, Dark Torturer, Lich and Infernalist. Watch out, though: they still have a chance of breaking!

  • Between November 21st and 29th, Sorcerers Cursed will take Warlock's place in its tower;

  • It is possible, during the entire event, that Dark Torturers show up inadvertently and randomly in reset-restricted hunts in Duskwood. The chances of seeing one of those are pretty slim, but nevertheless: be aware! warning-sign.png


It is Witch Season in Duskwood!



...Our most sincere commendations.

For the top three Batcat killing players, we reserved very special rewards:

  • FIRST PLACE: Outfit_Pumpkin_Mummy_Male_Addon_3.gif Pumpkin Mummy Outfit Full + Venompaw.gif Venompaw Mount! [BRAND NEW]

  • SECOND PLACE: Outfit_Pumpkin_Mummy_Male_Addon_3.gif Pumpkin Mummy Outfit Full + 9971.gif 20 Barras de Ouro (Gold Bars)

  • THIRD PLACE: 9971.gif 25 Barras de Ouro (Gold Bars)

May the best and most driven hunters win! fire-symbol-emoticon-for-facebook.pngfire-symbol-emoticon-for-facebook.pngfire-symbol-emoticon-for-facebook.png

But, c'mon... With prizes like those, who in their right mind would not want to participate in that race?facebook-eyes-symbol.png



Nine, ten, never sleep again...

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