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17 Apr 2018 -
#1 Quick Poll on Facebook: Vote, leave a comment and...
#1 Quick Poll on Facebook: Vote, leave a comment and be part of changing! Click here.
28 Mar 2018 -
Treasure Hunting on 30/03 at 18:00 (Friday) and...
Treasure Hunting on 30/03 at 18:00 (Friday) and Promotional Transfer (from 01 to 08/04). Check it out in our fórum by clicking here.
13 Mar 2018 -
Yesterday was solved the difficulty in sending aumatic...
Yesterday was solved the difficulty in sending aumatic e-mails from our forum (as validation and lost password). Should you don't recived one of these e-mails recently, check your e-mail mailbox today, or make a new requirement. We take the opportunit to announce tutor Venozmat's promotion to Senior Tutor.
7 Mar 2018 -
The servers were down for almost 24 hours due to an error....
The servers were down for almost 24 hours due to an error. More details on our forum by clicking here.
4 Mar 2018 -
Give your opinion about your vocation in the pool about...
Give your opinion about your vocation in the pool about Vocations Balancing in our forum. Click here.
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steel boots 1x
Chin Spada

!mercado compraragora, 239690,qt


ice cube 10x

!mercado compraragora, 239344,qt


shard 65x

!mercado compraragora, 239859,qt


belted cape 1x
Sweet Roxy

!mercado compraragora, 239833,qt


thunder hammer 1x

!mercado compraragora, 239357,qt


cursed shoulder spikes 15x

!mercado venderagora, 239940,qt

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02.04.18 02:37:54 - Easter Event 2018

In this event, when killing a monster that gives experience equal to or greater than 700 (at rate x1) there is the possibility of winning a point. In addition to the chance to earn a point, there is a chance of dropping Easter eggs and Rabbit's Foot. .

Gather these points to get individual rewards during the event:

  • 300 points: Stealbeak Mount + 10 VIP days;
    • If already got the mount: (1) Ovo de Páscoa Grande + 20 VIP days.
  • 600 points: 10 VIP days + (1)  Ovo de Páscoa Grande.

Global reward:

The player in each server which gather more points, at the end of the event will be rewarded with a Pascal Amulet .

Other informations:

  • Players which already got Stealbeak mount and get 600 points, will gain a total of (2) Ovos de Páscoa Grande.
  • The Big Easter Egg (from 2018 event) can be use to summon a "Pascha Bunny" costing 4000 mana points.
  • About Pascha Bunny:
    • Summon's power based on players who summoned it;
    • Self-healing and heals its master.
    • If it's next to a monster its master is targeting, the bunny will add a bonus attack based on your level e skills.
    • Emits a strong blue aura:

Happy Easter
RadBR Team

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16.02.18 12:38:40 - RadBR: A decade!


The big day has arrived!
Today, February 7, 2018, exactly 10 years ago RadBR began its journey in this world of alternative servers. In this long walk we made many achievements among many others and in 2018 we promised to rock it, because it is the year that we completed an uninterrupted decade online, bringing a lot of fun to our community!


We prepared a series of events to celebrate our anniversary. In addition, we took the opportunity to give a preview of the # 2 Patch of 2018. Please check below:

  • New site background artwork.
  • Lightning Events will happen between 02/08 and 02/15. These events can occur at any time and will be performed by team members.
  • Lottery Event:
    • Buy tickets with the NPC Moros at the depot of Wisland. The winner of the lottery will win a lucky box, and by using it, the player will win only one of these 4 beautiful and exclusive backpacks.

Minotaur_Backpack.gif Energetic_Backpack.gif Glooth_Backpack.gif Wolf_Backpack.gif

  • Respawns in half time from the restart of 02/08. The respawn time will return to normal on server save of 02/12 (in this event the double exp ring will be disabled).
  • Collect cake ingredients:
    • Ingredients (monsters) will appear throughout the RadBR map. To collect them just kill the creatures; servers that can collect the minimum amount of ingredients will have one (1) day of Double exp.
    • The ingredients have no loot, but they give you experience.
    • The collection is a global task, meaning that all players must collaborate for the success of their server. The following is the minimum amount of each ingredient:
      • Lump_of_Cake_Dough.gif Massa de Bolo → Collect 500
      • Lump_of_Chocolate_Dough.gif Massa de Chocolate → Collect 500
      • Cherry.gif Cereja → Collect 200
      • Coconut.gif Coco → Collect 200
      • Bar_of_Chocolate.gif Barra de Chocolate → Collect 200
      • Raspberry.gif Framboesa → Collect 200
      • Milk.gif Leite → Collect 200
    • During the event will be available the command "!ingredientes", which shows the progress of the Global Task and the punctuation of your character.
    • Players who have managed to collect the most ingredients (per server) will be rewarded with:
      • 1st place: 40 Barras de Ouro. Gold_Ingot.gif
      • 2nd place: 30 Barras de Ouro.Gold_Ingot.gif
      • ​3rd place 20 Barras de Ouro.Gold_Ingot.gif
  • Aniversary Maze Event:
    • We created a large maze with 5 phases. Each phase will last 2 days, and players will be able to complete each phase only once. To participate you must have at least 1 reset.
    • It does not really die inside the labyrinth; it is also not possible to attack other players.
    • You can enter and exit as many times as you want, as long as you do not complete the maze.
    • Check the dates of each phase:
      •  02/10 and 02/11: Phase 1
      •  02/12 and 02/13: Phase 2
      •  02/14 and 02/15: Phase 3
      •  02/16 and 02/17: Phase 4
      •  02/18 and 02/19: Phase 5
    • There will be different rewards for each phase, and for each reset range, with only a few fixed rewards. We will keep these rewards a secret during the event.
    • The first player to complete each phase of the maze will receive 30 gold bars. (in addition to the award for the reset range).
    • All players who complete all phases of the maze will receive the Blazebringer mount at the end of the event.


  • Cake event:
    • The meal will be on February 16 (Friday), at 20:30 (BRT).
    • The cake will appear on a remote island that can be accessed through a portal in the temple of Wisland.
    • By eating a piece of cake the player gains experience points, being able to gain a valuable Cake Backpack Cake_Backpack.gif.
    • To eat the cake just use the "slices" of the cake.
    • During the event the Gulosos will appear to disrupt the participants of the event. They give you experience and loot.
    • There is no level restriction: Any player can participate, does not lose level, aol, skill (etc) when dying in the place and the player can return countless times.
    • The entire server will be in-pvp at the time of the event.
    • The event will last until all the cake is eaten.
    • The server that finishes eating the first cake will have a 10% discount on supplies (runes, potions, etc.) for one (1) day.
  • Magic Carpet:
    • Day 02/16 we will also have the Magic Carpet. The event will open at 18:00 (BRT).
    • The reward will be a Green Light Green_Light.gif for the first player who finish the run.
  • February 17th:
    • Rewards day. On this day, servers that have managed to collect the minimum amount of ingredients will have double exp; the server that finishes eating the cake first, if you have collected the necessary ingredients, will have along with the double exp 10% discount on supplies.
  • Monsters Rampage:
    • We will have the monster invasion held on February 18 at 3:00 p.m.
      Location: Nostalgia Island; does not lose skill, level, aol, etc. when dying on the island.
      The bosses Korzus and Kundun will be slightly stronger (only in the invasion), except in the server Centaurus (that will have only the Korzus).



  • Arena PvP nostalgia (former arena of Wisland).
  • Ghostship exit is now protection zone.
  • Bocao's life increased; loot improved.
  • New hunts; some spawns from Hand of Cursed Fate.
  • New bosses: Minerva, Sea Monster.
  • New monsters: Deeptail, Deepling Worker, Headless Gravewalker.
  • New tasks.
  • New quest brought the possibility of getting new items in Duskwood.
And more: some news for mainland are planned for this month of February, wait!
Team RadBR


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08.01.18 11:33:05 - #1 Patch - 2018



We announce the first Patch of 2018: the main modifications are related to hunting places and parts of the map which have been improved.


  • Lost Berserker & Enslaved Dwarf - reduced respawn timing and added more monsters:



  • Dona Morte cave in Old Village - reduced respawn timing and added more monsters:



  • Dragons of Old Village mountain, in general, had the respawn time reduded.
  • Dragon Guardian in Old Village mountains: added more monsters and reduced respawn timing.
  • Way from Old Village to Floresta Heron (Windywaste) facilitated:



  • Reduced respawn timing of Undead Dragon in Dragon Sand's cave, in addition to more monsters:


  • Created a new small depot in Old Village:



  • Created two new exits to improve accessing hunting places in Nighthaven:


  • Some Orcs have been arrived at Novo Horizonte Farm:



  • "Heroes house" at north have been improved - more monstros and faster respawns, in addition to the place enlargement.
  • Dragon Lord's and Demodras' spawns at north in this same forest have been removed.



  • Established connections from "south lost islands" (Joaninha Negra) to Nighthaven's northern forest and to the other Lost Islands places (through a ramp which was broken before).



  • Destroyers' Cave: Destroyer spawns substituted for Dona Morte's spawns:



  • Lizards (Lagartos) - reduced respawn timing and added more monsters.



  • Giant Spider Champion spawns at northern forest substituted for "Multi's" spawns.



  • Dragon Guardian hunt transformed in Thunder Dragon hunt.


  • Reduced respawn timing of Earth Elemental and Massive Earth Elemental in this cave:



  • Reduced respawn timing of Crawllers and added more monsters.



  • Kollos - reduced respawn timing, added more monsters and some parts of the cave have been improved (aiming better mobility).



  • Medusas/Rotworm Mae - reduced respawn timing and added more monsters:



  • Dragon World was 90% reformulated: now with better mobility and distribution of the monsters according to their strenght.
  • Added a fast spawn of Demodras at Dragon Scale Helmet Quest.
  • Added more spawns of Undead Dragons in addition to reduction of their respawn.
  • All the Dragon Guardian's caves of Dragon World had its respawn time reduced and more spawns have been added; established connection among them forming a unique place.
  • Dragonling hunt added on the last underflood for players which have 40 resets or more.



  • This cave in the southern have been modified to only have Thunder Dragon spawns.



Other changes:

  • Improved looting of Rotworm Mae; reduced Wereboar loot.
  • Tartaruga Mutante's experience increased from 5000 to 7900.
  • Baphometh's hitpoint reduced from 678000 to 339000.
  • Dragonling's hitpoints modified to 80000 and experience to 55500.
  • A little bug in a house in Wisland have been fixed.
  • New reset restrition to access Hell's underground:



  • Reduced respawn timing and added more monsters to Soorein's hunt in Everfrost:


RadBR Team

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